Course Resources:

Instructor Access

Planned Instructor schedule for the term.

Midterm Review I

Review Topics for Midterm Exam I. (Spring 2016)

Midterm Review II

Review Topics for Midterm Exam II. (Spring 2016)

Final Exam Review

Review Topics for Final Exam. (Spring 2016)

Demo Tables

Table for standard Normal distribution

Exam Tables

Draft of Tables for exam reference

Chart Factors Table

Table of control chart factors exam reference

Acceptance Tables

Tables for selected Acceptance Sampling Plan(s) exam reference


Binomial nomograph for Acceptance Sampling Plan exam reference

Red Bead Sheet

Data sheet for in-class Red Bead Experiment.

Review Data

Data sheet for in-class review of basic statistics.

Hypothesis Tests

Chart & tables for comparison of means and comparison of variances.

Normal Plots

Excel spreadsheet on Normal Probability Plots.

Ctrl Chart Factors

Table of Control Chart Factors for Continuous Variables (Excel file).

Gage R & R

Gage Capability Repeatability & Reproducibility (Data from 2014)

X-bar, R, S charts

Variables control-charts (example spreadsheet).

P, NP, C, U charts

Attributes control-charts (example spreadsheet).

Individuals charts

Individuals control-charts (example spreadsheet).

Random Assignment

Random level assignment (example spreadsheet).

DOX Anova Analysis

Example Design of Experiments ANOVA analysis (example spreadsheet).



Assgn 1 Soln I

Assignment and Solutions 1.

Assgn 2 Soln 2

Assignment and Solutions 2.

Assgn 3 Soln 3

Assignment and Solutions 3.

Assgn 4 Soln 4

Assignment and Solutions 4.

Assgn 5 Soln 5

Assignment and Solutions 5. Data 5 are here.

Assgn 6 Soln 6

Assignment and Solutions 6. Data 6 are here.

Assgn 7 Soln 7

Assignment and Solutions 7. Data 7 are here.

Assgn 8 Soln 8

Assignment and Solutions 8.

Assgn 9 Soln 9

Assignment and Solutions 9.

Assgn 10 Soln 10

Assignment and Solutions 10.

Additional Resources:

Red Bead Sheet

Data sheet from the Spring 2016 in-class Red Bead Experiment (Lect. 1).

Popcorn Sheet

Data sheet from the Spring 2016 in-class Popcorn Experiment (Lect. 5).